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[Kaeri no Kai 2] Miu english coming soon

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[Kaeri no Kai 2] Miu english coming soon
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Post [Kaeri no Kai 2] Miu english coming soon Quote
I'm currently translating Miu to English (text and images with text). It's more work than I initially though, not least because Livemaker 3 games use their own unique file formats and data structures.

In my TODO list after I've finished translating Miu:
"Akari-chan's Adult Study" (hxxps://
"Relation" (hxxps://
"Nakayosi Rezu (J) (it's a bonus short not on dlsite - hxxps://
"Doripure! aka Dreamplayer! (hxxps://

I bought Akari-chan and Relation to translate. Akari-chan is a bit more difficult since the data file is separate from the game file but I'll sort it out.

Anyway, when it's finished I'll change the title and this post and provide a download link etc.

More KnK2 news: Kaeri no Kai 2 is working on a new game named "FRAYING OF BUDS" that will be released fairly soon.
More info can be found on the creators website: hxxps://
It's also on DLSite with a teaser trailer: hxxps://


In case anyone is interested in which tools I use to translate this game:

Some old Photoshop version (5.x) + the official LiveMaker file format plugin for loading/saving .gal files (graphics files used by LiveMaker games)
photoshop plugin can be downloaded from the livemaker page, scroll to the bottom:

Translator++ (@ second patreon level to get access to the LiveMaker tool set)

PyLiveMaker, the base tools that makes this possible

Various translation tools to compare translations and pick/work with the best translation (google translate, DeepL translator etc.)

That's basically it. It does take time to learn how to use the tools, esp. manually using PyLiveMaker tools since Translator++ only work with the text, not the graphics. It sure took me some time to install and learn how to use Python, Github, PyLiveMaker etc.

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Sounds promising. keep up the good work!

Sun Apr 14, 2024 10:00 pm Profile PM
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It takes some serious time to translate everything. Doing the final pass of the in-game text. Changing all the buttons takes longer since every button is 4 separate images. Anyway, I'll keep working and I should be finished within a week.

Sat Apr 20, 2024 12:11 am Profile PM
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Update April 18th:
I'm going through the in-game text for the last time to fix any weird sentences etc. I'm translating the important graphical elements (buttons etc.).
I should complete this quite soon.

Update May 5th:
All text is done and looked over several times. There may still be some "weirdness" due to how translation tools produce weird results.
I'm almost done with translating the graphics (buttons/choices) but it's a serious chore and takes a long time. Not all Japanese text in the graphics are translated. I'm focusing on the text that is important for the game.

There are some images with text that I can't OCR-translate at all, thus they're not translated. I don't think they're super important for gameplay/progress but if you find anything that needs to be translated I'll check it out.

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OMG thank you for taking the time to translate these games! I always wanted to try out Miu, Doripure! and such games!
Wishing you the utmost best on everything! Feather Kawaii 3

Also I'm curious about those images you can't OCR, if you need to feel free to share them and maybe I or someone will figure out what it says!

Sat May 25, 2024 11:13 pm Profile PM WWW
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