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Better late than never

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Better late than never
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Hey everyone, I have been a member for a short while but got distracted lurking around and enjoying myself so i completely forgot to introduce myself.

I am Conzibald not my real name but it is the one i intend to use and answer to. My main interest is lolis and women tho on that front i find mature ones sexiest. Where my fantasy is mainly about having a harem consisting of pretty much any kind of humanoid female, be it anthro, fantasy race, alien or regular humans.
The focus being breeding alongside having fun and of course all daughter become de facto part of it so i can continue my depraved breeding and expand.

Other than that my hobby is gaming, currently been grinding on hearts of iron 4 old world blues mod. I say grinding mainly because my pc's age has been showing where it gets quite slow after awhile on it.

But lewd games my favorites tend to be more gameplay focused such as CoC (can't wait til TiTS n CoC2 are finished), Lilith's throne and Free cities pregmod.

Enough keyboard vomiting for me for now, so cheers!

Sun Jan 22, 2023 7:23 pm Profile PM
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Hi and welcome to LAH. Everyone don't use their real name on the internet so don't worry about it. Hope you enjoy your stay here Smile

I'm not too active mainly because I'm disconnected from the world...literally.
Curse you, my internet!
Mon Jan 23, 2023 6:28 am Profile PM
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