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[peperoncino] Goblin Burrow: Complete Editon [ENG]

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[peperoncino] Goblin Burrow: Complete Editon [ENG]
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Post [peperoncino] Goblin Burrow: Complete Editon [ENG] Quote
The cries of women echo throughout the dark cavern...This is an invitation for you to join the Goblin Burrow! Do you know of goblins?
They are a weak monster that lives in the dark. Every day they are murdered by human, elven, and other adventurers, But no one realizes their true strength; their ability to plunder, breed,and multiply. Through this, they are able to cover every corner of the planet.

When they see women, they assault them, then drag them to their lair. And in the darkness of their burrow, just what happens....?Care to find out?

Battle and assault every female you come across! Drag them back to your burrow! Creampie and impregnate them! Use your newly spawned goblins to bolster your army! And then hunt for more women!

One of the best eroge I've had the pleasure of playing, if only there were more lolis...

Creator: hxxps://

Download: hxxps://

The game may (but shouldn't) require an emulated Japanese locale.

Tags: Loli, Low-Loli, Small Breasts, Large Breasts, Rippled Clothes, Molestation, Rape, Virgin, Corruption, Seduction, Mind Break, Female Pleasure, Mind Control, Hypnosis, Tentacles, Big Dick, Vaginal, Anal, Nakadashi (Creampie), Impregnation, Pregnant, Breeding, Human Cattle, Forced Orgasm, Reluctant, Harem, Excessive Cum, Ahegao, Strategy, RPG, Difficult, Long Play, Original Music

Wed May 25, 2022 7:21 am Profile PM
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