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(Kodomo-H) Park Mischief Simulator ver. Mako [ENG-MTL]

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(Kodomo-H) Park Mischief Simulator ver. Mako [ENG-MTL]
Next scene to translate?
 22%  [ 2 ]
Grass corner
 0%  [ 0 ]
Rocking horse
 11%  [ 1 ]
 22%  [ 2 ]
Iron bars
 0%  [ 0 ]
 33%  [ 3 ]
 0%  [ 0 ]
Jungle gym
 11%  [ 1 ]
Total Votes : 9
Author Message
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Post (Kodomo-H) Park Mischief Simulator ver. Mako [ENG-MTL] Quote
Translation Notes
Hi, before anything else, please know that this project is purely machine translated with the occasional help of a Japanese-English dictionary. While these tools can give me the general thought of a line, it won't give me the "feel" or tone of that line. In those cases, I can only rely on my imagination. I always try to make the dialogue flow naturally and also retain the Japanese "feeling" of those lines. By no means is this a perfect translation, but I hope the quality of my work suits your tastes.

Also added a poll for the next scene you want to see translated. (only for the inner circle of apples/stars for now)

Currently Translated
  • Main Menu, Reset Settings, Game Style Settings
  • Prologue
  • Scene select (Mako's greetings, scene titles and some star hints)
  • Climbing pole scene
  • True Ending
  • Complete CG (originally no subs)
  • Misc scenes
  • Menu items

  • Made some options and dialogue more immersive.
  • Fixed new line problem for alphanumeric text.
  • Fixed fonts used in the subtitles (the original have jumbled punctuation marks)
  • Added subtitles to sponsor and complete CG.
  • Added subs to complete CG.

  • 100% translation (of course)
  • There are some unused voice recordings that calls out the title, it might be interesting to shuffle them once you reach the title screen.
  • Improve this horrendous project description

Currently, this mod can only be applied to a v1.2 Type-B copy since that's the only copy I have.


Copy contents of zip archive to root installation folder.

Type-A vs Type-B
Based from my observations, Type-A uncensors Mako's age and grade, adds a randoseru (backpack), and has a generally more degenerate dialogue for the MC.

Reporting Bugs, Translation/Dialogue Errors and Suggestions
This is my first time fiddling with KAG code so there might be bugs from the changes I applied to the code, if so, please just comment it here so I can investigate it. Also, if you find my writing and translation weird or off, please do tell me so I can fix them. I only do this on my spare time (which is not much) so I haven't done extensive proofreading on it. Please also tell me if you find lines that need more improvement in their delivery, grammar, structure, etc.

TLDR: Just comment them down in this thread.

Alternative Translation
There is currently an old MTL translation available around the web (and in this thread) which also merges Type-A and Type-B into one, I found it buggy and the MTL unpolished. It's a shame that it has been abandoned, it had great potential in becoming a definitive version of this game. I wanted to see this game to be at least fully translated so I took it upon my hands and started from scratch.

Original work

P.S.: Due to some financial challenges, I can currently only use limited mobile data for internet so all I could upload is the small patch file. This is also the reason why I am inactive lately (and in the future probably). So I'm sorry for that, I hope you understand.

Mon Apr 12, 2021 8:16 am Profile PM
Tiny Angel
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Post Quote
Noticed a error when game asks the girls age.

Good Job on the project so far BTW.

Tue Apr 20, 2021 1:58 am Profile PM
LAH Artist
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Post Quote
Great effort so far- very popular game lots of users will enjoy this.

Fri Apr 23, 2021 2:30 am Profile PM
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Post Quote
Yo thanks for this, i had the old machine translation which was just horrible and i tried to make that one better but never managed to get it working properly when i made changes. So i was wondering seeing as you probably know a little bit about how to make patches for this game... Would you like any help on translating certain files? Although i would be using a MTL and then touching it up with what i feel is right.

I'm just not sure on how to extract and repack the .xp3 files properly to make it work.

I found a bug the first time you choose to go to the climbing pole. When you have to choose between doing something else or going into the shadows i couldn't pick either one so was forced to exti the game.

Fri May 14, 2021 11:01 pm Profile PM WWW
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