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LAH is looking for help!

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LAH is looking for help!
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We're working on revitalising the site in a variety of ways from community and ease-of-use to necessary functionality and updates.
The more technical work will take money, we can't even afford the 5% extra server load from enabling SSL due to lack of funds. We're working on that.

We need YOU!
Right now we are looking for people to
  • Post updates to LAH's Blog. (And maybe a helper with ironing out some bugs ><)
    This entails monitoring the LAH Creative sections(Art, Stories, Projects) for new LAH content and adding appropriately cropped previews that link to LAH itself. The blog's previous posts may serve well as examples for how to format this and I will explain in detail how the system works when I select people as volunteer posters.
    Current Volunteers:
  • Wiki mods! LAH has a wiki for all things loli and lahli!
    It is, however very unattended to since the departure of our old mod Feather. He was maintaining it. Due to vandalism and a lack of active monitoring of it, editing was locked to people specifically enabled to do so. Once we have volunteers to work on it, Sat will update the software and clear out the bugs(and cobwebs).
    Current Volunteers:
  • Masterlists! Lists lists lists!
    The very tedious task of organizing content makes life so much easier for users trying to browse what we have on site. Compiling and maintaining lists of projects, LAH official content, and other special content(Such as stories in the Stories and RP section or game mods in the Projects section if ever relevant), will be the main objective of this task.
    Current Volunteers: Bonghgo

  • Suggestions! Tell us what you think the site needs so we can get to work on that right away!
Feel free to ask me anything regarding the site or these tasks.

PM me! I can help you with questions regarding LAH, the chatroom, or I can just keep you company. I hope you enjoy LAH!
We even have a semi-official Discord! The art channel is great and general is active.
Check out LAH's Authors! Plenty of stories to browse!
Current project(s):
[LAH needs help!] - [Helping others :)] - [Quest/Scene Scripts] - [Corruption of Champions Loli]
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