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Please read this before posting (OR RISK WARNINGS/A BAN)

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Please read this before posting (OR RISK WARNINGS/A BAN)
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Post Please read this before posting (OR RISK WARNINGS/A BAN) Quote
The oldies out there know these by now, but for the new members of the board.

Several sections also have distinct rules to them, so make sure you check those out too before posting in those forums.

When posting links:
1. It is better to have it hxxp than http as bots tend to take any link posted and start whoring it out all across the net. All the links in this topic are http because I could care less if a bot takes a link that anyone can find by googling what it is, but when you are posting actual links to places, remember. HXXP!
2. Link to the main page of the site when possible
3. If the site has any interesting tricks to it like hiding the links to continue, try to note them to prevent posts asking how to even do anything on that page.

And just some general guidelines for posting (A ToS is coming soon which will be more specific and will outline what will be and what won't be tolerated):
1. Treat this like you would most other message boards. We are looser than some boards, but we won't sit back if people go around flaming, trolling, or just making random posts that have no point.
2. Everyone here has different tastes. If there is something you don't like being posted, then simply avoid it instead of looking at it and making a scene about it. Although, please note that guro and scat are not allowed at LAH, so if you do see those, then notify a mod or an admin.
3. No advertising. We don't mind if you link to other places to show people stuff, but don't outright whore something.
4. It is considered nice to have at least a few decent posts under your belt before you request something.

Tools of the trade:
.rar files/.lzh files/Winrar
.rar files are used a lot of the time for zipping groups of files or large files for easier downloading/torrenting due to better compression than .zip files.

.lzh files are used a lot by the japanese, as they created the file type, as well as by linux users.

The main program used to handle these files, although there are more, is Winrar, which can be obtained from here or if you don't want to use the trial version and prefer the full version here.

.torrent files
.torrent files are files used by torrent clients, like bittorrent which was the start of all the torrent usage but is a bit basic nowadays, bitcomet which allows for multiple torrents to be downloaded at the same time, or azereus which also allows for multiple torrents to be downloaded. You can use any of them, it really is just a matter of personal taste and what you want to do. .torrent files are used because they allow for an easy way to share files with people, the downloads can be stopped and resumed, and overall can be less bandwidth consuming as well as faster than having a direct download to it.

Mozilla Firefox
Now, if you already know what this is, give yourself a pat on the back, two if you are using it, but for those who don't, here we go. Mozilla Firefox is a web browser that is better than IE in many ways such as speed, security, aesthetics, and overall functionality. On top of that, you can also download extensions to further increase its usefullness and I will list a few good ones to have. Firefox can be downloaded from here. The current version is 1.5, and if you are new to it, you should have no problems
A few extensions I would recommend are:
Plain text to link (This allows you to highlight the hxxp links, right click, and select open with PTTL, and then it'll take you to the page)
Adblock (you can get rid of ads virtually everywhere speeding up page load times and further reducing spyware/malware risks if you disable the scripts responsible for them)
IE view (Some pages just won't work with firefox so you can rightclick them and open them with IE to view them)
downTHEMall! (Allows you to massivly download sites that have tons of pics on them or doujins where they link you to the individual pages)
not4chan extension (It is at the bottom, just follow the instructions. This allows you to mass save all the pics in any 4chan or not4chan thread, and probably any other place with the same setup)
scrapbook (Allows you to save a page and recall it just as you saved it at a later time, but it will only save that page and not the subpages of it)
nuke anything (Allows you to remove pretty much anything you want from a website)
linkification (turns any link into a clickable url pretty much, good in combination with PTTL)
text to image (Get the latest version under stable. With the click of a button which will appear at the bottom right of firefox, any link to a picture will cause the picture to appear pretty much)

.iso files/Daemon Tools
Daemon Tools is a very handy program that allows you to create virtual drives and run .iso files (basically copies of cds), which is the filetype many torrented loli games come in. If you do not have a cd burner to burn the .isos onto, or do not have any cds at the moment, Daemon Tools can be used. There are also several other filetypes used besides .iso so if you download a game that is quite large, it will probably contain cd images so just use good ol Daemon tools to run them. If people are having problems figuring out how to get Daemon Tools running, then pm me and I will include how to in here. Also note that many of those games will require you to set your computer to be able to play japanese games, which is explained in the next point. Daemon Tools can be obtained from here

How to play Japanese games on your PC

And anything you think should be added to this topic, feel free to pm me with it, and I will add it if it should be.

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