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Adventure of Garnet 6.0.1 : RPG Maker XP

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Adventure of Garnet 6.0.1 : RPG Maker XP
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Post Adventure of Garnet 6.0.1 : RPG Maker XP Quote
I want to share this beauty a RPG Maker XP game where Garnet from FF9 got her father missing and start adventure to bring him back. THis is a kinda visual Novel game. there's currently about 5 bad ends i've seen..

I'm editing this version that is currently incomplete. i'll share it when it'S going to be done.

Feel free to add your modified version here too...

And feel free to comment the project... i'll post my modified version here when done... Remember to put the author's name and to thanks him to give his source... The link is the same as the official forum

Here is the "Official Forum of the game": hxxp://

Anyway here'S the project:

Original 6.0.1 Version of Adv enture of Garnet (Incomplete nor very playable with 5 bad ends and lots of stuff): hxxp:// (THe preview is from my modified game nor it'S just a different game name. the scene is the same)

My Modified Version: Not done yet­

Goblin Woods: 2:%

Overall of Remaking and Completing: 2%

Medaka Kenichi - Raising a Girl
Sat Dec 11, 2010 2:04 am Profile PM YIM Skype
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Post Quote
This is actually still in dev? I had this some time ago, but couldn't get very far... Will try again with the latest ver, thanks Pouba.


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Sat Dec 11, 2010 2:50 pm Profile PM MSN
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Post Quote
It's in and out of development. The original creator has more or less left the project but every now and again someone comes along and tries to revive it.

The 0.6.1 version is probably one of the oldest ones you can get your hands on, and is a very buggy version at that. Do a quick Google search on the name and you'll find some better sources and newer releases (go after date, not version number).

Thu Jan 06, 2011 5:04 am Profile PM
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Post Quote
Sorry for necroing the thread but I am curious how this went. Were there any modifications done?

Tue Nov 01, 2011 12:45 am Profile PM
sacr3d bl0od
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well yes and no......the latest game can be found here------> hxxps:// ,
it gets updated once every blue moon but there was no major updates just mainly visual but there are some new quests including the remus farm, and the unfinished deans quest. but still it is still mainly a visual update the past 6-8 months because a problem happened and they had to redue most of the objects in rpgmaker

Mon Mar 26, 2012 8:04 pm Profile PM
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i help on the developing of this game years ago. as far as i know, the game got interrupted in 2017. Ive began to retake it in order to make a game for it.
when i was involved i worked within github, forked to gegerlan, so my contributions where added to the main game. but i left for personal reasons, gegerlan left.. and my account on github got banned because of the erotic content.
now ive reuploaded the work that i had on github and im trying to fix some bugs, complete some parts and i hope to make a good end for the game. if you ever read this comment and want to participate, here is were ive uploaded the project: hxxps://

Sat Oct 22, 2022 1:10 pm Profile PM
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