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Summer Update - June 2014

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Summer Update - June 2014
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Star Angel
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Post Summer Update - June 2014 Quote
Hello everyone, are you enjoying the summer?

Today, we have a small update for you:
- Most of the site's buttons are now dynamically generated
- Various site speed optimisations
- To ensure better compatibility and speed, old browsers like Internet Explorer 8 are no longer fully supported

A more detailed changelog by UltCombo follows.

Have fun in the summer, and enjoy the new Feather-chan, courtesy of Seven!

Wed Jul 02, 2014 10:52 pm Profile PM WWW Skype
Matrix Angel
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Post Quote
Hey everyone, here's the more detailed improvements and bug fixes list. Razz

- Removed old IE hacks, IE<=9 is no longer supported.
- Updated jQuery to version 1.11.1.

Layout and interface
- New linking buttons: lighter, maintainable, extensible and neater.
- Language: topic -> thread.
- Optimize for speculative parsing: index, thread listing and PM listing pages now render faster.
- Refactoring/bugfix: poll vote bars with 0 votes are now rendered with 0 width (invisible).
- Bugfix: fixed empty subject error message when sending a private message.
- Bugfix: user contact buttons in the reading PM screen have been updated to match the view thread screen's: added Skype button, removed ICQ online status.
- Bugfix: apply default link hover effect to navigation links.
- Bugfix: view thread screen's post warn/ban moderator action buttons are now aligned with the other buttons.
- Refactoring: removed dead code and refactored a good part of the styling code.

- Bugfix: prevent breaking out of the post bubble due to invalid BBCode markup.
- Bugfix: upgrade quote tag first pass encoding to the more robust bbencode_first_pass_ult_nested algorithm, fixes quote content start offset when a quote tag with username is preceded by an opening square bracket.
- Bugfix: font size tag no longer overrides global line-height.
- Bugfix: code tag now takes the full container width, also fixed list bullet positioning for code blocks nested inside list items in Chrome (workaround Blink bug).

Build (for developers)
- Removed the old Sass watch, which has been superseded by Grunt.
- Added the Bourbon Sass library for experimentation. Use it sparingly, it may be replaced by Autoprefixer in the near future.

My main MF acc was suspended, use other mirrors until I re-up it all to a new host.

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Measuring software productivity by lines of code is like measuring progress on an airplane by how much it weighs.
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