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New to drawing :P

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New to drawing :P
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Post New to drawing :P Quote
So I decided recently that I actually enjoy drawing, but unfortunately, I'm not all that great.
The only thing I am decent at drawing, is pussies lol... due to doing so many decensoring projects.

I can get the basic shape of the body usually, but there are a number of bits I generally really struggle with:

Shading (I've improved on my shading, with photoshop)

If anyone has any advice for beginners, like tutorials with guideline drawing for anime etc, that would be great.

I'll be doing all of my drawing on Photoshop for now though, as I don't have a lightbox, or any decent drawing materials, and tbh, I don't think I wanna have pictures of loli characters floating around my room, for everyone to see... Razz

I just drew my first Eye, after watching a tutorial!
Lemmi know what u think, and please give some constructive criticism for it if you have any Smile

Did another eye pic, this time using shape tools, to get better edges etc.

Thu May 03, 2012 7:55 am
LAH Artist
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I have so much advice that your head would explode lol.

1) Start with general proportions, posture, body shape, and motions... probably in that order

2) once you can quickly sketch a wire-frame pose, learn to fill out the body with fat / muscles / shape

3) once you can do that, practice hands and feet. start with easy poses and simplify them before going to complex ones

4) practice more detailed areas like the face and hair.

5) don't worry about coloring or shading until you can do the previous steps to some extent.

Tutorials are a great way to learn but remember... it's better to apply those skills to your OWN art work, rather than copying what they do. It's a VERY HARD habit to break once you start copying someones stuff... a habit that I've struggled with lol.

It should be easy enough to google tutorials for this stuff, what I told you is a guideline of the "building blocks" to drawing a character. Hope this helps.

Also, youtube Mark Crilley... he has amazing videos on how he draws and it's VERY helpful seeing the steps such a skilled artist takes to make one of his masterpieces

Forsaken - "conveniently hiding hands in his drawings since 1995"
Sat May 05, 2012 6:08 am Profile PM Skype
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uh eyes are a quite hard think to do
if u want to do anime:

you should start with some easier stuff
making the pupil fully black and add some light points

like in the center of this one

next i would suggest some easier anime eye tutorials
i think its easy to do and to understand

later u could try more complicated eyes

eyes are the window to the soul
but they need some extra time to do if u want to make awesome eyes
and u need eyes which fits to the rest of ur stile
semi realistic eyes would look strange on dragonball characters

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Sat May 05, 2012 10:36 am Profile PM
Tiny Angel
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I also highly recommend mechanical pencils, youll get alot more consistent lines. Thick paper would be great aswell if you plan to ink your final drawing.

Mon May 28, 2012 8:21 pm Profile PM
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