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Lolicon doijins dump
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Lolicon doijins dump
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Post Lolicon doijins dump Reply with quote
Complete dump of most on my doijins, might not be 100% loli but most of it should be. This is my complete unorganized collection so there might be some double doijins in it. However i do not have the time to set all correctly.

Torrent added by request. Look at the Attachments

You need all parts for this to work, if you cant be bothered downloading 11.3GB dont try.

You can also check these all online at: hxxp://

Part 1: hxxp://
Part 2: hxxp://
part 3: hxxp://
part 4: hxxp://
part 5: hxxp://
part 6: hxxp://
part 7: hxxp://
part 8: hxxp://
part 9: hxxp://
part 10: hxxp://
part 11: hxxp://
part 12: hxxp://
part 13: hxxp://

There are 1143 folders but i only count around 1000 in the list so there is prob some stuff hidden somewhere... cant be bothered finding it. Might be good although!

List of doijins:
Zetsubou no Uta
Zero Day Attack (E)
Yuiga Naoha Himegoto
Your Dog Chapter 1-6
lolier sister
Yoroshiku Onegaishimanko Desuwa
Yappari Pantsu Ga ii Desuka
XXX boy
Xenosaga - Xeno Complex
Xenosaga - superia
Wrong Love
World is mine
Wonder Square
Wo Oboezu
Winter Song
Wildflowers blossoming time
Who comes First
White Trap
White & Black
When I was
What the
Wet with rain
Wet Princess Ch2-3
Wet dream
Were Happy Family part2
Were Happy Family part1
Well Be Good
Welcome Home (spain)
welcome home (onddog51)
weekend at dads
We always been watching Luna
Watashi to Onegai
Wash Break
Warped Kingdom
Vita Max!
Virgin Forced Climax
Usa-gurumi chan
Unmoral Kids
Under10 Special
Under the Hot Blanket
Uncertian sister
Unbalance New Balance
Unawakening Spring Slumber
Unable To Be Honest
Umimade no Fukurokouji Futari
Two Platonic Papico
Two Friends 2
Two Friends 1
Two for one
Twins effect
Twilight Fisher
Turnabout Oniichan
Tsurumanjaro Concordondon
Tsureko No Yuuutsu
Tsundere Training
Tsubasa chan in the Washroom
Try Angle
Trouble Drug
Too close for love
Tomomi chan
Together With Gaa-Tan
Together With Brother
Together Forever
To Half Me
Timid x Courageous
Ticking Away
Though is not
The loli master is well nourished
The World is Yours
The World is mine
The Wind That Blows in the Morning
The Usual Play
The Teasing Wind
The sunday
The Secret Garden 2 Ch1-4
The Power of the Five-Yen Coin
The Other Side of the Wall
The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya - FREEDOM!
The Man I and My Mom Love  02
The Lottery
The Lady Her Servants and the Island of Wonder
The high priestess
The Girls are Progressing
The Girl Who Lacks Time
The Elegant Succubus
The Doll House
The Delusion Diary Advanced
The Delusion Diary
The Abandoned House
Terrorist Threat
Teikoku Onaniezu
Teaching eiko
Tanaka Yutaka Itaike Na Darling
Tan Joubi no Muriji
Talk Show on Mute
Talk About
Taking Sis
Taking Shelter from the Storm
take on me 2
Take Me To Ariake
Sword Motorcycle
Swing Out Sisters
Swimming hole
Sweet Trap
Sweet Strawberry Magic ACT.1-2
sweet sisters
sweet saturday
Sweet Own Sister
Sweet Older Sis
Sweet Juice!
Sweet cream
Sweet (E)
Sweat Fetish!
Sunshine girl part 1
Sunny With a Chance to Get Soaked
summer with sis
Summer Vacation
Summer Rally
Summer Play
Suicide Desire
SugarBaby Hayate No Gotoku
Study Buddies
studio tar presents
Students for the Future Children
Stroking My Little Kitten v2
Strike Witches - Snow Land Witches
Strike Witches - Pantsu To Zubon No Kyoukaisen
Still Blue
Stepchilds Dejection
starting point
Starting from the end of the Line
Spring Slumber
Spice it up
Special Prize
Souji no Jikan
Solution child x 20 year old in the ass
So longest birthday
Sneaky Sisters
Slow Step
Sleeping Pretty 2
Sleeping Pretty 1
Slavery of Love
Sistes Boyfriend
Sisters tanlines
Sisters Heart
Sisters Glasses and Sperm
Sisters at Play (gunslingergirl)
Sister Sit
Sister Sister
Sister Delight
Sister Dearest
Sishole Revolution
Single Sided Romance
Simpler typeset
Silky Whip Extreme 1-6
silicone lover
Siblings of the furthest
Siblings abducted
Sibling Showdown
Sibling Sex
Sibling Service
Show Me Yours
Should Love Me
Shoujo Zukan
Shoujo no Yuuwaku
Shiroi Koibito
shinya no ayamachi
Shinigami of the Kurosaki Family
Shiawase 1500 - A Country Which Can Be Seen Between the Parting Clouds
Shawa Shawa Biyori
Shakugan no Shana - Itadaki! Flame Hazezu
shagging sis
Sepia Flash
Sentimental 12
Self gratifying older sis
Sein zain ch.9
secret play
Secret Place
Secret Dog God Kokoko-chan
Secret Dog - Lord of the Flies
Secret Dog  - The New Student
Secret ChaChaCha!
Schuppen Harnische
schoolgirl postitution
Scary Children
Scandalous Girl
Saving Gramps
Saturday Night Leisure
Santa ni Present
Santa Claus Is A Shithead
Sakurai Urinal
Sakakimanga Daioh
SA Chans Dilemma
Ruizumu (zero no tsukaima)
Ruen Roga - Royal Standard 2
Ruen Roga - Royal Standard 1
Round Shell
Rori Rori Fruit
Room play
Riroland - Popotan
Riding the horse
Riding the big one
Restrained Girl
Replacing Mother
Renai Zettai Ryouiki ch1-8
Rena a Slave
Reichan gets drenched in beer
Really Miko
Rate Jiru
Rari Rari Lunch
Rape Hot Spring
Rainy Days
Rainy day
Rainbow Colored Cinema
Rain Storm
quality time with daddy
Pygmalion Complex
Pure Girl
punishment sensei
punishment game
Pumpkin Panic
Pukupuku Ranmai
Pukkushi punipuni pakkuncho
Private Risshin Seminary
Princess Meteorite Wrong Love
Pretty neighber 1-4
Pretty Cure
Powerful Pussycat
Pool Relationship
Poko a Poko
Pokemon Takesi No Mousou Diary
Pokemon AG - PM Gals!
Pokemon - Pokeporn
Pokapoka Konekobiyori
Plum Rain
Please Teach Me 3
Please Teach Me 2
Please My Sister
please leave your mark
Playing in Water
play nasty
Plastic Dream
Pink Panzer
Pink Honey Sand
Pink (E)
pig tales
pierced by daddy
Petit Roid 3 vol. 3 of 3 (lolifox)
Petit Roid 3 vol. 2 of 3 (lolifox)
Petit Roid 3 vol. 1 of 3 (lolifox)
Pet Dog Protection Week
perverseness 3
Perverseness 2
perverseness 1,5
Perverseness 1
Perfect Virgin (kodomo no jikan)
Peach Heart
Paupuku Ranmai
Parasite Embryo (ruizumu)
Parasite Embryo
Papiko Hiura Boshikan Ch 07
Papiko Hiura - Field Trip Ch 06
Papa Nanka Daikirai
Oyomesan Gokko
Oya no Kokoro Musume Shirazu
Our correlation
Oshiri Kizzu 12
Osananajimi no Jakuten
Osana Mama
Orphanage of darkness
Orange Bullet - Orange 7
Orange Bullet - Orange 3
Onnanoko Nado Boshuuchuu 1-6
Oniichan to wa Yobitakunai!!
Oniichan Kuchu Kuchu Shisugidayo Ch1
Oniichan - Zubon no Nakami wa Nan desu ka
Onegai Sister
Onee san ga Shiteageru
One summer morning
One san
One Hot Minute
Ona Nina Unc Trans
Okama - hanafuda
Oh My
O.V.O.N. (Wonder Square)
nympho sis
not my daughter
Nodoka To Yue Mahou Shoujo Biburion
Night Games
New Student
New Friends
Nekonomori Maririn - Koneko Genki
Nekonomori Maririn - Kazoku no Shisen Shisshike
Nekomimi de Nyan-Nyan Mode
Negi Yokoyama Vanilla
Naughty Yui chan
naughty poolside 2
Naughty Poolside
Naughty Babies
Naruto - Sakuraan
Naruto - Sakura Lock On!
Naruto - Hinata
Naruto - Hana Temari
Naruto - Fake
Naruto - Beri Beri
Narcissus Ch1
Naoshi Kun and His Older Sister
Naive Cry
My turn
My Tactful Mum
My Special Goodbye
My Personal Lifeguard
My Neighbour Yumi-Chan
My Balls
Musuko no Koibito
Moving In WIth Dad
Mousou Diary
Mou Sugu Natsuyasumi
Moto Ani
Moon Phase - Nekomimi de Nyan-Nyan Mode
Moon Phase - Hazuki-tan to Ecchi
Monopoly with two
Mochi no Ko Mochiko
Miyu and the old man after school
Miyabi Dreamin
Mixed Dreams
Mirukuchan no Ofuro Time
Minnaigai Neta vol.2
Minna Nayande Ookikunatta
Minding the House
Milky Twins 1-3
Milkie Strike
Midsummer Red Dragonfly
Messing With Little Brother
Meganekko Little Sister And Forbidden Ahh... Ohh
Medicine Rub
Mayuka chan XMAS
Mayabi dreamin
Masegaki Temptation
Mannequin x Girls
Maniac Sister
Makeup Girl
Mainichi no Nikka
Mail Me!!
Mai-HiME - Midori-chan ni Ki wo Tsukete
Mai-HiME - Amai Himegoto Nikaime
Mahou Shoujo Shiikuron
Mahou Shoujo Moeneko Ron
Magical Stage Z
Magical Salon
Mad Chemist Apprentice Mimika
Luscious Treat
Lucky Star - Shino Hara
Lucky Star - Higiira
Low Leg
Love Stage
Love Sis
Love Shino
Love Communication
Look out for the Product Tester
Lolicon Drop out
Locker Room
Locker no Naka
Littletic HOT Gimmick
Little Wife
Little Sister Go!
Little Sister Game
Little red
Little Lover
Little delicate couple
Little aniel collektion
Light body pillow sister
Life is Peachy
Lewd Elementary School
Letter about Sis
Lets Study
Lets Review
Lets Play House
Lets Do It
Lets Begin
let go to the park
late night
Lady Madonna
La Chica Caracol
Kyoutaku no Shita de
Kucyu Kucyu
Kuchu Kuchu
Koneko Genki
Koakuma Pink
Knocking up sis
Knock knock big brother
Kizoku Gokuraku (Tsukaima Life)
Kinky Delivery Service
Kimochi to Kimochi no Osaihou
Kienokoru Mahiru no Binetsu
Kiddy Grade (Que Sera Sera)
Kazoku no Shisen Shisshike
Karada no Koi  Ch. 1-4
Kani san 2
Kairakuten Nene
Jumble Family
juicy and fruity
Jiki Hazure no Santa-san
Jadounou Folder
I'mtroubled by debt
I'm big sister
Its Embarassing But Im Back 1-3
Its a wonderful incest
Itouei - Shoujo Zukan
Itazura Koneko Twins
Itazura Chuuihou
Itaike na Darling
In my chool
Immortality is Short Lived
Immoral Family
Immature mama
Imitation Mama
Iinazuke wa Little Size
If Code 06
Ichigo Mashimaro
I Will Protect You
I Will Go To School
I want More
I want Lots
I Really Hate You Daddy
I Cant call Her Mama
How to Wake a Sleeping Princess
How the Puppy Licks her Adorable Rival
How Old Are You Really
Hot Summer!
Hot spring cousin
honor student of spring
Honey in the bed
Home Schooled
Home Delivery Girl
hit by the rain two
hit by the rain
Hinerimo Nannimo Nyai
Hindenburg - The Girls are Progressing
Higurashi no Naku You Ni
Here Comes The Bride
Her Toy
Her Brother Talks Her Into It
her and my first sexual experience
Her And His Secret
Helping The Shut-In
Helping Hand
Hazuki tan to Ecchi
Hayate the Combat Butler DJ - Sugar Baby
Having Ice Cream Outside
Hatsukoi Aite Wa Daimondai
Haruka Nishimura - Pukupuku Ranmai
Haru no Yume
Harry Potter - Mahou Shoujo Shiikuron
Harmful Books
Happy Present
Happy Holidays
Happening Date
Hanjuku Shoujo
Handmade Cupnoodle
Hair Trigger
Guy next door
Guess What
Grandpas Last Round
Grand Guignol for b
Gothic Lolita Viandier
Gothic Lolita Mariage
Gothic Lolita Daguerreotype
Goodbye To The Night
Gone Fishin
Go Go First Experience
Giving dad some
Give Me Tsubasa
Girl Friend
Ghost in the Residence
Ghost Hospital
Gaa tan to issho
Futari no Himitsu no Hyouryuugokko
Full Metal Alchemist
Fude Asobi
From Shinyokohama To Akihabara
Free Study On the Roof
Fountain Square (Higurashi)
Foul balls
Forget Me Not
Forget Her
Foolish Girl
First Love
First Come First Served
First Born
Fire cracker
Finding Sis
Final Half Year
Figure Scramble
fetish failure
Father Fucker 2
Father Fucker
Fate Stay Night - T Moon Complex 3
Fate Stay Night - Blue Berry
Farm Play
Family Reunion
family affair
False Romance
False fairy tale
Fallen Idol LWB
Fall In Hole In Wall Girl
fairy twins
Exorcism of the Evil Spirit
ever lasting love
Evening Cooling Off
Eroge no Gotoku
Enjeru 9 story 1
Empty Sky
Elder Sister
Eight Four
Ei Itah
Eatem All! Fuckem All! Pretty Zombie Attack!
Early Morning Nursery
Earlier Learning
Dreaming of sis
Dragonball GT - Pan
Doutei to Youjo de Douyoutte Dou yo
Door Of Fascination
Doki Doki Kimodameshi
Diaries of Sakura
Devil Lolita Ch.2
Devil Lolita Ch.1
Desperation Classroom
Desire Of Infant
Delusion Mini Theater (kodomo jikan)
Delusion Diary Advanced
Delusion Diary 1-3
Dekoboko Roughness
De Nyan Nyan Mode
Daughters Friend
Daremo shiranai monogatari no Tsuzuki
Daioh O
Daioh Drifting Classroom
daddys ride
daddys idea
Daddys Girls
daddys babies
Daddy No
daddies porno
D.L action 45
cry baby sister
Cross section King
Crepe House Puchi ya
Cream Korone Syndrome
crazy cover club
Crazy Clover Club
cramming sis
Cotton 100
Cookie Girl
completely naked at home
comic sister
Colorful Kinoko
Code Geass SWEET
Club Handlers at Midnight
Closing Sister
Cleaning Duty
Clannad - Minna de Nakayoku
Chiyo chan to Issho translated
Chemical Sisters 2
Chemical Sisters 1
Chappie and His Master
Caught Sis
caught by brother
Cat Food
Carrying The Load
Caramel Milk
Captain and Me
Cannon Sensei Tobashisugi
Camp Heaven
Call Girl
bunk beds 2
bunk beds
Bully Brother
bullied dirl
brothers toys
Brothers Game
brother z
brother wants some
Breeding Diary
Brandys Nightmare
boys empire 9
boys empire 8
boys empire 7
Boys Empire 6
Boys Empire 5
Boys Empire 4
Boys Empire 3
Boys Empire 2
Boys Empire 1
Boys and Girls Summer
boy soparamo
Bosshii Hanjuku Syoujo Club
Boshi Kan
Bon Voyage
Boku to Mii
boku to imouto
Body Sacrifice
blue berry
Bleach - Yoruichi Nyan no Hon 2
Bleach - Blechch
Blade Witch Strawberry
Blade Cat Cut
Birthday Present
better than mom
Best Friend  2
Best Friend
beloved older sister
bedding baby sis
Because It Loves
Bargaining Power
Bare Side
Ballad Of The Sound Of Rain
Baking white dolls
Baby Worms
Awakened By Daddy
at the shore
Asu Maki
Are you OK
archive 232
Anxious Boobies
Anti aging MAMA!
Anomaly 0
Animal Ear
And hand tied
Ancent and modern
Anal Water
An Old Dogs Tale
An Angels Temptation
Always Looking
All out Desire Girl
All Grown Up
Ai no Mama ni Wagamama ni
Ah How Beautiful Getting Along With One Another Is
After School
Adults are bad
Adolescent Doctor Play
ABC Gokko 2
ABC Gokko 1
A Wish of My Sister
A Two
a sweet life side story
a sweet life
A Studly Author, A Magnificent Entrance
A strange house
A Small Little Secret
A Small Graduation Party
A secret glance at family members
A seal for you
A Romantic Family Story
A peeling
A little incest
14 Years Old
119 or 110
100 cotton
10 Million Yen Dream
[AREYOUHAPPY ] Ruizu no Choukyou (Zero no Tsukaima)
[TwilightLyric] Bel Air -johnny side- (Zero Tsukaima)
Cat Tail 2
Cat Tail 3
Child Price 2
Lolita Price
Lyrical Chemical A to Z
Oshirikuchibu - Anal Sex Maniacs
Rori Ana - Little Anal Collection
Shunshuu-ki 2; Shoujo Yakata
[D-W] Tsukuyomi Moon Phase - Hazuki-tan to Ecchi [English]
[D-W] Tsukuyomi Moon Phase - Nekomimi de Nyan-Nyan Mode [English]
[Sarada Masaki] X-Ranchi [Contact pt 1+2] {scanslated Tonigobe 3.12.06}
A Country Which Can Be Seen Between The Parting Clouds
A Day in the Life
After School 1
after school 2
After School 3
An Angel's Temptation
Boy's And Girl's Summer
Crepe House Puchi-ya
Datte Suki Da Mono
Foolish_Girl [loli translated]
Hanjuku Syoujo Club
Imouto Ikimasu!
Kazoku No Shisenshi Shikki Vol. 1
Koneko Genki Powerful Pussycat
Let's Begin
Let's Review
Luscious_Treat [loli translated]
Mayuka-chan XMAS
Mirukuchan's Bath Time
Nana-chan's Bath
Nekogens Papa Nanka Daikirai
okusurinutte [loli translated]
Pet Dog Protection Week - Week 1 - Patrash
Pet Dog Protection Week - Week 2 - Darshenka
Pet Dog Protection Week - Week 3 - Don Matsugorou
Pretty Neighbour 4
pukupuku_ranmai_e [loli translated]
PureGirl_e [loli translated]
Rari-Rari-Lunch [loli translated]
Really-Miko [loli translated]
sentimental_e [loli translated]
Sepia_Flash [loli translated]
SHELL_e [loli translated]
Sisters at Play
summer break
Sweet.s [loli translated]
The Lady, Her Servants And The Island Of Wonder
The_Abandoned_House [loli translated]
Together with Nii-chan
Try-Angle [loli translated]
Unawakening_Spring_Slumber [loli translated]
Uran - Ghost Hospital
Uran - Unable To Be Honest
VideoTime_e [loli translated]
wednesday's secret
You Can't Live On Love Alone
[Hoshino Fuuta] Kiri no Douwa
[Hoshino Fuuta] Kiri no Naka no Shoujo
[Hoshino Fuuta] Mou Iikai
[Hoshino Fuuta] Wakaba to Isshyou
[Hoshino Fuuta]The natural and lolita liquid
Hoshino Fuuta - Harere Tokidoki Nurenezumi
Hoshino Fuuta - Himitsu no Sasayaki
Hoshino Fuuta - Hisohiso
Hoshino Fuuta - Hozuri
hoshino fuuta - itazura chuuihou
Hoshino Fuuta - Itazura Switch
Hoshino Fuuta - Michikusa
Hoshino Fuuta - Mizu no Zare
Hoshino Fuuta - Nakayoshi-chan
Hoshino Fuuta - Pocket Ni Koukishin
(Doujinshi) Nel Zukushi (loli)(Bleach)
[Suck Drop Bambies] Tsundere Minimum
Ani sama! Seihukude Suyo!
Bleach - Yoruichi-sama (English)
Bravegirl and Kind Giant
Go Tei Juusan Tai Shinigami Otome Hakusho 2
Koushoku Yuugi
Satougashi [DewDrop]
Animal Ear Grand Strategy 4 (buk, eng, fur, loli)
Welcome to Animal Ear Hot Springs (buk, eng, fur, loli)
Animal Ear Grand Strategy 1 (buk, fur, eng, loli)
Animal Ear Grand Strategy 2 (buk, fur, eng)
[18·???] [???????]BLEACH
[D-W] Bleach- Blechch [English]
[FAKKU] Bleach - BraveGirl & KindGiant
Bleach - Doujinshi - Hotaru (JP)
Bleach - Doujinshi - Otherside (JP)
Bleach - Doujinshi - Pleach (JP)
Random (exserts)
shinigami otome hakusho 2
Uncertain Sister(Eng)(Colored)
[Chuuni + Out of Sight (Kimchi)] Bou Event Zanpai Kinen Hon (Pangya)
[Ciaociao (Arakim Kana)] Aishite Naito (Pangya)
[Hi-Per PINCH! (Clover)] OB Desu! (Pangya)
[Honeymilk] Shirupanyadon! (Pangya)
[Imomuya Hompo (Azuma Yuki)] Welcome to Pangya Island!! (Pangya)
[Imomuya Hompo (Azuma Yuki)] Welcome to Pangya Island!! 2  (Pangya)
[Imomuya Hompo (Azuma Yuki)] Welcome to Pangya Island!! 3 (Pangya)
[Interrupt Voice] Pangya ni Kooh Ari (Pangya)
[Mero Mero Factory XL (MochisukeTeru)] Pangya Shima Taiken Nikki (Pangya)
[Minatekishugi] Voyage (Pangya)
[Mirukomi (PRIMIL)] ambience light (Pangya)
[Mizumo Club (Takuya Mizushiro)] PANGYA RAKUGAKI TOMABACK (Pangya)
[Narashino Pirates] Pangya Osaka (Pangya)
[Oden-ya (Miso Oden)] very Kooh! (Pangya)
[Onomatopoeia] 95% (Pangya)
[Onomatopoeia] Bigiruki Rukibigi (Panya)
[Onomatopoeia] Kooh Nikatasete Kureru Hito (Pangya)
[Onomatopoeia] Rookie Gentei Wiz30fun (Pangya)
[Plum] Naisho tsu! (Pangya)
[Takuminamuchi] Jiyuu na Hito (Pangya)
[Takuminamuchi] Kooh na Hito (Pangya)
[Umi no Sachi Teishoku & chimaroni & Fake fur.] PanPanPanya (Pangya)
[VENOM] Tsuyudaku Aztech (Pangya)
[VENOM] Tsuyudaku Aztech 2 (Pangya)
(C69) [Circle Kurejitto (Benjamin] Mahou shoujo lyrical Nanoha Adult stage 01
(C69)[RED Supekku & Quantum Leap] PETIT*JEWEL
(C70) (???) [RUBBISH Senbetsutai] RE02
(C70) [Ootadou] (had to tl this one XD) love love linkercore 2
(C70)[Aruku denpa tou no kai] Lyrical Summer Days
(C71)  [SAZ] Nemu Sa.Ra.U.I
(C71)  [STUDIOFuan] Nanoha-san
(C71) [Hiyotama Goten] LYRICAL DAYS (StrikerS --ish)
(C71) [Kazedouya] Magic of Iron 2
(C71) [SHINING] Magical Fate A's
(C71) [SSB] Bardiche Adult 04
(C71) [STUDIOfuan] Fate-chan
(C71) [Tamashii MAX] Nano! ~Full Color Edition~
(C71) [Tecchitecchi] Nanoha no zettai zetsumei
[Ashita wa docchi da!]A's nano! (Web Comic) (4koma non-h
Kenkyuu shoujo fate (dated pre-A's)
Mahou shoujo shokushu de Na{}ha
[0422SHOP] Lyrical Nanoka (Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha)
[Hiyotama Goten] GIGAUMA
[Lili Marleen (Hikaru Kinohara)] Monochrome (Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha)
[MistyIsle] Lyrical Chemical AtoZ
[Ohtado] Love Love Linker Core 1
[Ohtado] Love Love Linker Core 2
[Pon to Yukai na Nakamatachi] Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha P'S
[RUBBISH Senbetsu tai] RE02
[STUDIO Huan] Fate-chan
[STUDIO Huan] NanoFate 1
[STUDIO Huan] NanoFate 2
[STUDIO Huan] Nanoha-san
[Suirankaku] Fukayomi kinshi no Amy-san hon
[Tamashii MAX] Nanoxtu! ~Full Color Edition~
Fairy Land
Fate Masshigura
Liking you
Lylical Magic
Lyrical Magical - Fate Ganbaru
Lyrical Magical - Nanoha Ganbaru
Lyrical Magical - Vita Ganbaru
Lyrical Magical Ignition
Lyrical Magical Temperature Rise
Lyrical Summer Days
Magical Boy Lyrical YUUNO
Magical Correct Ace
Magical Girl Adult Stage
Magical Girl H Nanoha
Nanoha Natsumi
Nanoha no Hon
Petit Jewel
Research girl Fate
Section King
Set Up
Soukou no HOSHI
Sugar U10
Tainted Love
Tears of sylph
Vita MAX
[anthology] Soul of Lolita Complex Vol.3
[ASGO] Zero no shi in ma (Zero no Tsukaima)
[Buki to Bougu no Mise] DAGGER-15(Zero no Tsukaima)
[Chitose Toriyama Daini Shucchousho] Naisyonokimoti (Zero no Tsukaima)
[INFINITY DRIVE] Black minaloshe (Zero no Tsukaima)
(C68) ichigo mashimaro Yoshikadu
[Byousatsu Tanuki dan] Mochimochimashimaro (Ichigo Mashimaro)
[DeCensored][Loli][Eng]My little devil brother (
[tetsu] Minimania
[Yé¦ÉHæy] éóé+é¦é_éAéU
cat tail! 5
Doujin Ichigo Mashimaro (Anal) English Uncensored Colored
Girls Gotta Guns 2
GOGO!Girls - Rio Yanagawa (loli)  [06-06-10] [shibuyabashi]
Hentai (Contributed by Retasu)
Tepuchin II
Vita Matsukusu
Xration (1.1) (CG 65)
Animal Ear Grand Strategy 3 (buk, cos, eng, fur)


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Great archive man!
But 11GB from megaupload it's too hard for download for anyone who haven't premium account.
Why don't you make a torrent? Then put in deadfrog or some same tracker, that will be better download method for everyone.


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Torrent added by request, this is the first torrent i ever made so go try and see if it works.

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nice pack, just note, it's "doujins" or "dojins"


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Well, its to late to change now. Fuck it lol

Do note that i'll seed up untill 100GB then its up to other people to seed. I already seeded 20GB so far.

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Torrent added by request, this is the first torrent i ever made so go try and see if it works.

It works it works!
Hooraaaaay! Very Happy

Thousand thanks man!


My full powerpuff hentai archive updated 18.03.2012
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You can still edit it Razz


Some people say, universe is a Star Ocean!
Latest LAH Blog post: In need of a cleanup from 29th June

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JC on a pogo stick that a lot of doujins! (And I thought I had a lot! Confused )

Many thanks!

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Thanks Smile

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Thanks, but which of these feature anal heavily, other than the ones that clearly say "anal"

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11 gb !! i better pay a new HDD this awesome Slayerduck Smile

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Fantastic..Thanks for the files

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thanks for this amazing upload Wink

does anyone know who the author of "Mayu" is?

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Thanx Smile

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